NutMeg Spice

Bringing nostalgic recipes to life with fresh ingredients.

Homemade products, made from scratch daily

Great ingredients for a delicious product

NutMeg Spice Bakery

Have you ever reminisced about those recipes your grandparents used to make you? Maybe it was the homemade Belgian waffle, or maybe it was the blitz torte that you just can’t find in a bakery today. It was those exact thoughts that drove me to create NutMeg Spice bakery. NutMeg Spice is a bakery that is bringing the old school recipes and is giving them a new life.

With local, fresh ingredients, and a made from scratch product you can count on, you can find anything you are looking for at NutMeg Spice Bakery.

Special Orders

Have a special event coming up, or just want to order some muffins to eat in the comfort of your own home? We take orders for anything you may want or need. Call or email us to place an order.