Have you ever reminisced about those recipes your grandparents used to make you? Maybe it was the homemade Belgian waffle, or maybe it was the blitz torte that you just can’t find in a bakery today. It was those exact thoughts that drove me to create NutMeg Spice bakery. NutMeg Spice is a bakery that is bringing the old school recipes and is giving them a new life.
When creating this bakery, my grandpas requests kept running through my head. Can you make me stollen, can you make me blitz torte? Granted he is very German, but this is what got me thinking. How can I recreate these recipes for others as well. It was then I discovered the concept for my bakery. I wanted to provide a neighborhood bakery where people can walk in and feel at home. I also wanted to give them fresh ingredients, from scratch products, and an experience they will forever remember.
From that moment on, NutMeg Spice was started.


The name NutMeg Spice is a nickname given to me as a child. I was in love with a particular girl band out there (I was 5) and my uncle loved to pick on me for it. I am forever grateful of that because not only did he make me feel a part of the girl band by making me a spice, but he also gave me my future bakery name. My name is Megan, so it was only fitting that I became NutMeg Spice. The name has stuck with me ever since.


Baking has always been the one relaxing thing in life. From the age of 10 I knew what I wanted to do in life and what I was meant to do. Once I graduated high school, I went and studied in the center of Chicago and learned as much traditional style baking as I possibly could. I grew a love for the ingredients put into each and every dish or goody. I knew I wanted to take on the task of being a “from scratch” bakery and give people a product they could trust. One that I can stand behind, and one that tastes so good you’ll want more. Baking is my passion and something I love to share with others.

Door County

My love for Door County came when I was searching for a bakery location. I was adamant that I needed a community. A place where people can come and hang out. A place where they walk in and yell your name just to say hi. Door County is definitely the place for that. Being in Sturgeon Bay, I found a community that loves and cares for everyone that walks through their doors. It was this that made me feel like I found my home.

NutMeg Spice found its home in Sturgeon Bay, and I cant wait to share all of our goodies with each and every person that walks through the door.